Uon - Unit of nature

 17 February 2021

A uon is a digital proof of a ‘sustainably protected unit of nature’. A certificate registered in your name that shows the m² you protected, where these m² are located and which organization is protecting it. A unit of nature is either 1m² of land, or 9m² of sea.

‘Sustainably protected’ means two things. 1: the protection of nature is for a sustained period of time, think decades. 2: the protection is a specific use of nature that does not cause irreversible harm to it. The protection is the responsibility of participating Nature Protection Organizations (NPOs) that protect, rewild or restore areas, while empowering local and indigenous communities. Uon are exclusively issued by the Union of Nature Foundation and sold to individuals and organizations. With the proceeds, every NPO has the obligation to bring new m² of nature under protection for every uon sold, on a 1-for-1 basis.