Union of Nature Foundation - Protecting the planet

 February 17, 2021

EarthToday partners with the Union of Nature Foundation (UON). UON is a group of collaborating Nature Protection Organizations (NPOs) worldwide, each with a proven track record in nature protection and the ability to scale. To ensure the highest standards, UON has created a so-called trust framework governed by a rulebook. To participate in the operating model, members have to adhere to predefined access criteria. Each member has committed to comply with the self-imposed rules for their role which comes with predefined responsibilities, rights and obligations. UON is the sole institute that can issue uon, a ‘unit of nature’: a unique digital proof of protection registered to your name. For every uon sold on EarthToday a new m² of nature will be protected.

UON was founded in 2019 by Kees Zegers and Chiel Liezenberg. They act as initial board members. More info: unionofnature.org