The Board - Governing EarthToday

 February 23, 2021

The Board of EarthToday governs the manifestation of the vision. It covers three legal entities: EarthToday.Com, EarthToday.Media and EarthToday.Foundation. The Board consists of 24 executive Chairs and Seats, each accountable for an area of responsibility within the collective. Chairs and Seats have equal voting rights, but only Chairs are mandated, legal representatives of the collective. At present, four Chairs have been installed: Chair Architect (Kees Zegers), Chair Governance (Chiel Liezenberg), Chair Community (Constance Scholten) and Chair Creation (Remy Kurpershoek). Community members over 21 years old are eligible to become board member of EarthToday. Candidates are invited based on personal merits. Chairs and Seats are installed by EarthToday.Foundation for a period of three to seven years.