Stakeholders - Collective owners of EarthToday

 February 15, 2021

Everybody that holds a ‘stake’ in EarthToday is called a ‘stakeholder’. We use this to refer to a shareholder, a co-owner, a member, a verified account on EarthToday, or a curator.

A ‘stake’ is the name of a depositary receipt of one non-voting share B in EarthToday.Media BV. There are 9 billion stakes. People can get stakes as a reward for contributing to our purpose. The more you give, the more you get.

The group of founders, funders, angels and supporters that provide capital to support us are stakeholders. The people that work in or with our organization are stakeholders. Members become stakeholders when they receive a stake for every m² they protect on EarthToday. In this way, everyone is a stakeholder by design, and EarthToday is community-owned from day one.

Stakes come with predefined rules that apply to all stakeholders, no exceptions. We’re in it together.