EarthToday.Fund - Funding the creation

 February 15, 2021

To manifest our vision requires serious funds and large groups of people. We are talking about hundreds of millions of euros to facilitate hundreds of millions of members worldwide. EarthToday.Fund unlocks funds through a trust network of 90 international Funders, which we refer to as ‘Nature’s Ninety’ network. This is our powerhouse.

In this world’s first funding model, Funders buy 30 million stakes in EarthToday in one of 9 series of 10 tickets each. The price of a ticket doubles in each new series. This accumulates to approx. 163 million euro to fund the roll-out stage, over 5-7 years.

EarthToday.Fund Trust Office is the entity organizing sales of stakes to Funders on behalf of EarthToday.Media BV. Constance Scholten is its initial board member. EarthToday.Fund holds just under 3 billion shares B (33%) upon which depositary receipts have been issued.