EarthFlag - One symbol of belonging

 February 17, 2021

The EarthFlag is a proposal for the flag of planet Earth. It was first planted in the Arctic ice in 2018 by the crew of sailing yacht Infinity. The EarthFlag is a symbol of belonging for all who want to care for each other and the planet we live on.

The EarthFlag is nicknamed the ‘Blueprint’. The symbol on the flag is the Seed of Life, representing life itself as known on Earth. The color blue is the RGB encoding of the 29% land (green) and 71% water (blue) division of the Earth’s surface. The proportion adheres to the golden ratio 1:1.6, Phi.

The rights to EarthFlag’s design have been explicitly granted to the commons by its creators. It can be used without any limitation by any-body and claimed by no-body. The EarthFlag is not connected to any political vision, existing doctrine or ideology. More info: