Design - Symbols, Numbers and Colors

 April 19, 2021

The design of EarthToday is inspired by the french playing card system and Tarot. We use symbols and numerology to provide a conceptual framework for gamification and collaboration. We use the colors of the rainbow to represent the seven chakras or portals.

The red heart is icon for ‘Connection’ and ‘People’: health, food, relationships and love. The orange flame is icon for ‘Contribution’ and ‘Creation’: art, design, crafts, media, culture, music and games. The yellow circle is icon for ‘Curation’ and ‘World’: news, opinion, economy, governance, justice, business. The green square is icon for ‘Protection’ and ‘Nature’: planet, oceans, animals, plants, weather and climate. The blue clover is icon for ‘Education’ and ‘Keys’: knowledge, science, theories, innovation and technology. The purple diamond is icon for ‘Transformation’ and ‘Spirit’: teachings, wisdom, yoga and mindfulness.