Blueprints - Our strategic framework

 February 17, 2021

EarthToday.Foundation translates its vision and intention into a comprehensive set of blueprints. Together, they provide the strategic framework, guiding principles and outlines for manifesting the vision of EarthToday. These documents address key components and details for the creation and operation of EarthToday to deliver on its purpose, such that overall integrity of purpose is maintained. They include, but are not limited to: legal structure, governance, organization, propositions, products, platforms, business and revenue models, go-to-market, communication, privacy, partners, funding and community.

Blueprints ensure coherence and consistency across the many interrelated elements in such a way that those responsible feel empowered to effectively deliver their part within the contours the blueprints provide.

Defining and approving blueprints and their amendments are at the sole discretion of the Foundation Table.