Angels - Financial supporters of EarthToday

 February 15, 2021

Not everybody has the means to become a Funder of EarthToday. Still, a lot of people want to support EarthToday financially, but on a smaller scale. We call them Angels.

They do this for many reasons, a common one being a donation to relatives or children. To facilitate their participation, we created the EarthToday Angel Fund. This is a mini-version of EarthToday.Fund and is also managed by the EarthToday.Fund Trust Office. Angels can buy ‘stakes’ anywhere between 300,000 up to a maximum of 3,000,000 per person, at a price in line with the open series in the Main Fund. Angels are not part of ‘Nature’s Ninety’, but get a reward of 1 m² for every 1,000 stakes that they buy.

The Angel Fund contains 1/10 of the depositary receipts managed by EarthToday.Fund. So, 3% of the total.